Lumbricus Terrestris

Green Worms

Green Worms:

With a color that attracts predators, Green worms may display varying shades of green. This is normal. If your hands or clothing get green coloring on them, simply wash with soap and water. After about six weeks, the worms may lose their coloring as the green dye is not permanent.


Bass and walleye.






And more


Color is attractive to predators.
Refrigerate at 35-45° F.
Shelf life of 4-6 weeks.
Color lasts 6 weeks.
Not recommended for pets.
Will turn water green. Do not put in aquariums.

Care for
Bulk Green Worms

Place the entire cooler (worms and dirt) into the refrigerator. If the cooler won't fit, separate the worms in two or three smaller, ventilated containers (worms need to breathe) and refrigerate.

Dirt bedding should be dry to damp. If you can squeeze water out of the bedding, it is too wet. You should be able to squeeze the bedding and watch it pack together without water coming out. If the bedding does not pack, add some water.

Keep the lid on the container. Remove the ice pack and refreeze it for further use. If the ice pack is broken, throw it away and change the dirt bedding immediately.

The bedding will need to be changed more often, and the worms will leave a crusty, dirt-like surface on the top of the container. This should be removed.

We strongly recommend you change the bedding by the end of the second week and at least once a month afterwards. There are numerous types of bedding materials available at your local sporting goods store — you do not have to use dirt bedding. Paper or cardboard bedding is fine. Worms do not require feed. All beddings have feed in them.

Worms will live for months if refrigerated and cared for properly.